Training and Kennel Academy of South Africa

Do you wish to become a profesional dog trainer and kennel manager?

Not only will you learn about dog behaviour you will also learn how to teach a dog wanted behaviours and proper care of dogs.

First Year

  1. Theory- Basic Learning Theory
  2. Teaching basic behaviors- Sit,Down, Wait, Recall, Lead walk, Targeting,No Jumping, Leave.
  3. Clicker Training
  4. Positive Reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment and negative punishment theory
  5. Control At Doorways
  6. Excess Barking
  7. Socialization With People And Other Dogs
  8. Learning methods of training
  9. Crate Training
  10. Proper cleaning of Kennels
  11. Handling dogs in kennels
  12. Handling of clients
  13. Proper phone etiquette
  14. Ordering of stock
  15. Learning calming and stress signals
  16. Time outs
  17. Vehicle Control
  18. Come Away From Distraction
  19. Controlled Greeting
  20. Food Manners
  21. Setting up a group training class
  22. Shadowing training for practical experience
  23. Walking and caring of dogs (kennel or day care dogs)
  24. Theory and practical tests

Cost: R10 000 per year. The course is over a 10-11 month period. This period may not be exceeded. Final exam will take place in November or as otherwise arranged if late enrollment takes place.

Training and shadowing takes place Mon,Wed and Fri from 8:00 - 13:00 Holidays do differ from school holidays.

The student trainer will not only shadow training but will also learn to do day to day chores at the centre regarding all dogs at the centre. Which will include walking of dogs, cleaning of kennels, working in the dog shop, and be part of daily training. We offer board and train, one one one training and group lessons.

After the completion of year one the student will be able to receive a certificate of completion for basic behavior and training as well as kennel management. The student will be able to work at boarding kennels and or a training centre or be able to start it's own training or boarding centre. An 80% pass for both practical and theory to be achieved to complete the year. We only take two students per year.

We are one of a few centres that give both practical and theory training as most training institutes only do theory training.

This certificate is not affiliated with any institute or university.

Students should be between the ages of 18 - 22 years.

For more detail contact us on 021 987 1027 or use our online form.

For more on the course facilitator please go to the about me page on this web site.

Second Year

  1. Work with aggressive behaviors -Including fence fighting, dog-dog aggression, dog to human aggression etcetera
  2. Reactive dogs
  3. Systematic Desensitization
  4. Nose work
  5. Theory of aggression and reactivity
  6. Separation Anxiety -Theory and Practical
  7. Basic dog First aid
  8. Writing client assessments
  9. Doing an assessment of a dog
  10. Setting up a business plan
  11. One on one training
  12. Booking of kennels
  13. Running day care sessions
  14. Behaviour and Training Theory
  15. Setting up a training schedule for group classes 

Cost: R8500.00 over 10-11 months with a theory and practical exam after completion of second year. First year have to be completed first to be able to enroll for second year. Certificate of completion Advanced behavior and training with 80% mark obtained.

Wednesdays and Fridays. 8:00 -13:00 (practical and some theory shadowing at the centre) Rest of the week student should work on her/his own to obtain experience as well as do extra theory given as home work.