Adopting a dog

When you decide or already have adopted a dog you may come across some issues similar to the ones I am about to mention...

Adopting a dog can sometimes in different ways be difficult.

I adopted my dog Decota knowing nothing at all about him.

Some of the things that crossed our path were things like always trying to eat as fast as he possibly can. This he probably had to do before to survive.

He also very easily isolates himself from the other dogs or when we interact in a playful manner. Decota like many other abandoned or abused dogs do not know how to play. We have to teach him simple games like chasing after a ball or playing tug of war. I must add chasing a ball issin't always first instinct for a husky as it will be for a retriever dog. But still it was pretty obvious this dog had to grow up quickly to survive.

Many of the things dogs like Decota does is simply to survive and acting in fear. They learn if they stay out of the way like Decota does by isolating himself he copes and doesn't get in trouble.

Some of these dogs have no socializing skills. It really helps if you already have a well trained and easy going dog to lead the way. Dogs learn from each other bad or good. So make sure that your first dog teaches your new adopted dog only the "good stuff".

This can really help a lot.

Do not make a fuss with everything your dog reacts or don't react to. If he looks and feels scared you don't want to enhance that feeling of being scared. Try to go about your normal activity as if nothing has happened.

Get yourself and your dog into a routine so that your dog can feel safe and not freak out at the unexpected accurance of activities.

Visit the same places and people. Walk the same walk and feed at the same time everyday.

Set boundaries this will help your dog feel safe and secure. He knows what to expect of the day and will start to love and trust you by just being your dog’s safe place.

We started bonding with Decota through mushing but any exercise will do. Running, biking playing ball what ever your dog wants to and feels natural for him to do.

Slowly but surely you can let other stimulation into your dogs routine like adding a road to your daily walk. Visiting a different friend or learning a new cue.

Remember by watching closely you will be able to see what your dog needs...

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