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This facility is situated in Joostenberg vlakte in Cape Town South Africa, 021 987 1027 (Mon-Fri).


Dog care centre day care and kennels is a elite facility to provide a safe and fun place for dogs, cats and bunnies away from home. We have a very high rate of customer satisfactory.  We specialize in working with dogs and we work with any breed of dog. All dogs do very well while staying with us. We are not your usual kennel as we are hands on with each dog and give them individual care. We strive to make this a fun retreat for your companion with personal attention, little to no stress environment. We have many years of experience in working with animals including dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.

Our main focus is dogs and we are renowned for specialising in Husky behaviour. The owner; Louise Basson of the centre have written a book on Husky behaviour called; Winter Dogs, living with huskies as pet dogs as well as a training and behaviour book called Shaping your dog - The positive way both published through Strategic Publishing LLC.

Dogs are kept separate during their stay with us except if requested to be part of our day care socializing program which is always done by a professional dog trainer on staff.

  Kennels are approximately 20 square meters each of which half is covered under a roof and the other half under a shade net. To ensure your dogs safety we installed pet fencing. In summer we offer water mist sprinklers in the kennels to cool the dogs off. We also provide bedding, toys and food bowls but you are welcome to bring your own.

When the dogs come out for their rounds 2 - 3 times a day, they are able to make use of the whole property which is 2000sqm. They are then able to run and sniff on the lawn while also enjoying various water play areas. This is for normal kenneling, extra time out in the form of day care with other well socialized dogs as well as walks off the property including farm walks can be booked additionally.

Grooming can be arranged while your dog is staying with us at our parlour - Happy Tails that is situated in the area.

Also have a look at our board and training option.

We cater for dogs of all ages and sizes...

Puppies and dogs with special medical needs are catered for .

During drop offs and pick up time all dogs are safely put into comfortable kennels to insure safe departures of incoming and out going guests. This is why drop off times are adhered to at all times.

All overnight guests will be fed twice daily or otherwise requested with food provided by the owners, you are also more than welcome to have us feed your dog RAW food, we stock Dog matters and Doggobone.

You can also choose to include chew treats to your dogs preference, which we advice if your dog is staying here for longer than a weekend. We are also happy to assist with dogs experiencing allergies due to food.

In Door Forest Cabin boarding

All small dogs and or puppies are welcome to make use of our in door forest cabin. The cabin is fitted with a heater for cold winter days and a fan for summer days. There are two windows with safety net for our escape artist in the cabin to let in natural air and light.They also have their own fenced in courtyard leading out from the cabin.

Being situated in the garden they are able to hear calming nature sounds.  This area is very safe, cozy and creates a comfortable area for dogs that are used to being indoors.

Dogs come out regularly during the day to potty on the lawn. Dogs get special one on one attention and are not faced with the buzz of our outside boarding kennels with bigger dogs. They can be taken out for daily walks outside of the premises on your request. Dog beds, bowls and bedding are provided by us. Small dogs are kept to your feeding routine and special diets are welcome.

Kitty Cabin / Bunny Room

We are only able to take in 4 cats in at the same time. Each suite is spacious with a variety of toys, mind stimulating obstacles, beds as well as different height posts to sit on and view it surroundings. 

In door heating and separate suites. The cabin is in an enclosed and secure area away from all dogs. 

Cat sand boxes are filled with crystals and cleaned twice daily. Cats are fed twice a day and receive snuggle time with a staff member during the day. We also have a deluxe Inside/Outside Cat boarding area. Please look on our price list provided via email.

Bunnies get hands on attention and we make use of eco pellets for litter trays. They are kept in the main house in a separate room.

Board and Train

This package is for our guest who stay a minimum of 15 days training takes place Mon-Fri. This will include daily training except on weekends or public holidays. Training will include no jumping, wait by gate or door, sit and down cue, learning calming behaviours at restaurants, reactivity training to name a few. A one on one session of 30 minutes will take place with the trainer, owner and his or her dog on the day of collection.

Day care with or without Boarding

Who can come and play?

Day Care is done by a professional dog trainer or assistant trainer and positive play is kept at all times.

We mainly do day care with large breed dogs but in the event of small dogs they are always separated from the bigger dogs.

Well socialized dogs are welcome. A screening fee for the first day is applicable. This is a great way to socialize your dog while staying at our kennels also helping with boredom and keeping your dog happy and active at the same time. All dogs are well socialized and introduced to the group with a very neutral dog and slowly adding more if any.

How do we go about it?

Day care is socialization between 2-6 dogs with 1 to 2 staff members to supervise at all times. Dogs can play freely on a huge lawn and take part in stimulating play and learning activities while being super vised. Toys are only introduced if none of the dogs in the group is toy aggressive. Excessive barking or vocalization is interrupted through body language or if need be short time out sessions for more rough play.

How long is play time?

Day care is for 2 hours per day at an additional cost.

If the dog/s however need to have a down time separate from the others dogs from being over stimulated it will be done before the 2 hours is over.

Dogs can play to their hearts content with other dogs, swimming, running, playing with toys and interacting with humans all super vised by a certified dog behaviour consultant and trainer.


For an additional fee your dog can enjoy a 30 min walk daily in a safe but enriching environment by one of our staff members. You can either choose from an off lead farm walk (must be well trained off lead) or on lead walk in our area. This is a great way to reduce boredom while boarding but also great for dogs who cannot join in the day care set up.

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