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A lot of people become aware of homeopathy, holistic concepts and raw diets known as BARF when they are faced with a crisis where they find that traditional medicine in the long term is doing more harm then good.

Mostly BARF is discovered when dogs get skin allergies which occurs as a symptom of an underlying problem. The skin is the biggest organ of the body and tends to show a problem very quickly.

After using cortisone as a last resort when antihistamines and fatty-acid supplements didn't want to work out of desperation you feel that you need to look into something healthier on the long run. But even if you have not experienced what I am describing this would be the best time to explore new possibilities to your dogs health and diet. I want to talk about this in a simple way as this subject must not be overwhelming to us. After you have read and applied this info I would suggest reading DR. Pitcairns Complete guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats.

First let me explain why they call it BARF... According to veterinarian Ian Billinghurst interprets it as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food instead of Born Again Raw Feeders from those who don't believe in a raw diet.

Some changes that you will see instantly with a raw diet is cleaner teeth, the dogs coat smell less, Fewer ear infections, bloating is less as a raw diet does not contain fillers like dry kibble. Kibble has fillers in to bulk up the food which can cause bloating. Raw food however can contain salmonella and other bacteria by cooking it will only destroy important enzymes and nutrients. From personal experience with my own dogs, they have never fallen sick from a raw diet and their diarrhea stopped immediately when I switched from kibble to BARF.

Cooked bones should never be given to dogs, but raw bones are soft and won't splinter. They need bones for much needed calcium and magnesium. When switching to a raw diet the pressure is on you to ensure that the diet is balanced where as with kibble the manufactures ensure that it's balanced. So you would need to read up about this topic to ensure that you are giving your dog a balanced diet. You can also consult your homeopathic vet.

For some dogs especially if previously eating poor kibble the switch can be detoxifying so even though I switched from giving dry kibble the one day to BARF the next and they where fine you might want to gradually introduce them by first starting with adding small amounts.

Some people make it fresh on a daily basis or you can like I do make up a batch for two weeks and put it in the freezer and the let it defrost over night ready for the next morning.
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