Yesterday a month ago my baby boy Logan was born. In Hospital everything is relatively easy. If you don't know what to do with your crying baby you can call a nurse for help and guidance.

But when going home there is only you and your husband that can take care of the helpless baby...

Not to mention the fact that 4 dogs were longing to see me after 4 days of just my husband coming home to check on them. When we arrived home I immediately introduced Logan to our 3 Huskies and 1 Labrador. The Lab barked at Logan when he started crying and Denali our one Husky went sleeping under the bed. Decota curious as always went to sniff his bum first and Ice started to lick his feet. I suppose this is where knowing dog body language comes in handy. But the most important part was for me to be relaxed.

So after the first day I decided to invite all 4 dogs on our bed while I was feeding the baby. So that they can experience him in a calm setting without him crying or moving much. They all came closer and soon became very relaxed. I also kept the dogs in their usual routine of exercise, sleeping in the house etc.

Today still I make a point of taking the baby outside under the shade of the big old tree in our yard. I sit on an old tree stomp with Logan. Very quickly the area around us is filled up with 4 wagging tails sitting closely beside us licking Logan's toes. Every now and then if I am not looking a nose print will land in his face.

With walking we started to first take out two dogs at a time with the empty pram. Later on with Logan in the pram with the dogs walking next to us. I suppose it's like when you first start training your dogs for sledding letting them get used to the rig, sled or bike.

Over all I think our dogs are adjusting perfectly. All they ask is to be included and still get attention and exercise. They don't want super special care just what they are used to. So no need to make a fuss. Just stick to the routine they know as much as possible and include them in the new life of having a baby and they should be fine. It's worked for my dogs. I can't wait to see how they will play with the baby as he grows up. I am so happy to know that at least all 4 my dogs are able to know Logan and he will know the 4 dogs that I owe so much too and love to bits.

Many people now ask me and while I was pregnant; so what is going to happen to the dogs? I tell them what I now told you by writing this info letter. Although it's not an urgent health issue or behaviour training topic I hope this will help some old doggie in the future when his family adds a new member.

Oh and I don't worry to much about the dog hair either, no need to throw out the old carpet...

Wags and Woofs, Louise and her 4 paw crew

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