I am writing to you today, to talk about finding the right breed of dog for you... When we buy a car you would ask the sales person questions of how much liter you would get per km, how much millage it has on if it's a second hand car. You would choose a colour, look at the interior and even test drive it around the block. Some people would even want to know the speed it can go from zero to a hundred etc.

When we get into a relationship with a partner we go out to dinner a couple of times, ask needed questions and discuss likes and dislikes. We get to know one another.

So why for some reason do most of us not do the same with dogs? How many of us has gone out and either picked a dog for someone as a Christmas present, birthday or anniversary. Or bought a dog because the kids want that specific puppy at that moment without really knowing anything about the dog or puppy and it's breed characteristics. We would not do this with a car.

To often I hear people calling their dogs stupid because of certain behaviour. And after talking to them they realize that they do not know the breed and that's what it's suppose to do.

Not all dogs are the same, just like not all cars and people aren't the same. Dogs however are not cars, they are living beings. They want and need a stable life with a family consisting of at least one human being. They need love, exercise (and this differs from each breed), stimulation, food, water at lib and shelter. NO dog wants to be left outside all day and night.

I remember myself making that "mistake"...getting a dog without knowing much. Then I didn't understand what I was missing out until I knew more about dogs and the breed of dog. So whether you are thinking of getting a pooch or already have one...do yourself a favour and read up a little about your dogs specific needs. It does wonders when you understand them just that little better. I wrote an article for Animal Talk Magazine in the May issue to help Husky owners with their dogs seeing that I work with the breed all the time.

You can click on the link on my web site below to read more or read it in the Magazine it self. These tips will apply to most active breeds.

Animal Talk Magazine Article-Husky Training Tips

Warm regards in this cold weather, Louise and her fury crew