This is not at all my typical info letter, it's just to think back at 2009 and all the dogs that crossed my path...well at least in the rescue world.

Being the start of a new year I thought to bring tribute to all the rescue Huskies that came over my path in 2009. You see I am the fortunate one as they all bring something special to my life. All I do is feed them, have them vetted and get them into a routine with some training and love. The best part is when I find them a suitable home. But they all teach me something unique while they are with me.

Some of them are only here for a couple of days and others where here for a couple of months.

From January to December it was Whisky, Tecani, Jack, Mia,Mischa, Demon, Waggy, Katinka, Nala, Tazan, Oz, Rusty, Eragon, Nikita, Mischa, and Aurora.

Whisky came from Gauteng and is now living with a younger female Husky in Durbanville. Tecani was with me over 3 months after being fostered in Gauteng. She is such a beautifull and independant Husky. She now lives with a male Husky in Brackenfell after sleeping in my room for 3 months as she jumps over walls to catch chickens she also had a lot of training to be socialised and is now doing very well. Jack was a 6 month old puppy when I re homed him with a sheep like coat. He now lives with a Dutch hound. Mia came from Animal Welfare in Gordons bay and now lives with her Husky "boyfriend" in Brackenfell. Mischa is a male Husky that was handed over to me from PETS and lives in Brackenfell with a Jack russel, two boys a mom and a dad. Demon was a stray that I picked up unfortunately was re homed twice but is now on a small holding in Gordons Bay with my big boy Rusty that was handed over to me from Animal Anti Cruelty league. Waggy and Katinka came from Animal Welfare to me and both stayed with me over 3 months. Katinka now lives happily with another Husky in Fischhoek and a "beach bum" and Waggy lives with a Jack Russel in Bellville. Nala was a stray and stayed with me over two months and now lives in Durbanville. Tazan's owner imigrated and now lives in Kennelworth with a family that loves taking him for long runs. Oz lives in Durbanville after his owners imigrated. Eragon was rehomed in Fischoek. Nikita was my last Husky for 2009 to be rehomed.I had to keep her as calm as possible for 4 weeks and had one of her toes amputated, but has fully recovered. She now lives with Alaska a Siberian Husky in Stellenbosch. Still to be homed is Aurora who has been with me from October and Mischa that came in Just after Aurora. Aurora was badly neglected and very scared and shy, but now has blossomed into a beautifull Husky. She stayed with me for two months before she went to my foster home. She has picked up about 7kg and being in a routine and receiving behaviour training is now ready to go to a forever home. Mischa is a lovely small Alaskan Husky who is very play full and would love to have a family and a forever home.

Then to the few Huskies that had to be put to sleep because of behavioural problems from not being socialised properly and all the other Huskies that I did home checks for, it made me happy knowing they had a second chance at life.

If you adopt a dog of any breed, the best way to start gaining their trust is to get them into a routine, I see this with my rescue dogs, my dogs and the boarders staying over in my kennels. Some of the kennel dogs are less stressed when the stay here and it's because they know what is expected of them everyday. They also do very well with some behaviour training on a daily basis even if it's just a few minutes each day and off course good food and a lot of love.

For more info about adopting a dog from Husky Rescue S.A. or for donations to this wonderfull cause just reply by clicking on the reply button of this mail.

On another note...being a new year with new things I think for those who did the dog first aid course with our presenter Manuela Fritz will agree it's a great way to start 2010.

Last week Saturday we had a very success full dog first aid course here at dog-care-centre. It was an intense course with lots of information but the practical sessions put it all into perspective. I am not sure who had the most fun, the dogs or the people. It was really informative and very well presented and we would like to thank everyone involved. The practical sessions gave everyone a hands on idea of how to apply some of the techniques as well as a chance to ask questions. We also added a few homeopathic remedies to add to your first aid kit. Later in the year we hope to present to you a homeopathic course as well as a course on a dogs body language and as planned the mushers convention presented by Kirsten R Frisch from North Carolina.

Events and seminars

Follow the link on my web site for details on courses through the year. For photo's of the first aid course click on the link above named Events and seminars.

Wags and woofs, Louise and her 4 paws