Change is inevitable...

Our lives changes daily. Some day's more then others.

But when you have dogs they are always ready to except you as you are. They don't know that your car was just smashed into a wall or that you just got fired.

I think we sometimes go home with long faces to very happy and excited dogs that shouldn't carry the burden of dealing with our sadness, frustration or anger.

I know life is not always just peaches and cream and that dogs can't expect that all the time...but I think we tend to give them a job of being able to handle what ever we through at them.

And they do handle it better then we do. They forgive us in an instant we through a ball or a treat their way, because they live in the moment.

What often happens though is when people get dogs they are so excited as this will be their way to see if they are able to handle kids someday. Then comes the first baby and the dog is out of the house and forgotten outside.

If a child is allergic to dog hair that's another thing but other wise socializing a child with a dog supervised of course can only benefit both the child and the dog.

Dogs start "acting out" when we no longer involve them in the family. They no longer have their "job" of being a companion.

They get lonely and bored.

Then they start creating a new "job".

They start doing things like digging holes and barking. Sometimes can even seem to be aggressive towards the baby.

The best thing to do is to not live in chaos as this will be what our kids and dogs imitate back to us.

Involve your dog in daily adventures with your family. Always supervise meetings between dog and child.

Keep on taking the dog for walks and if you can't seem to find the time get a doggie walker to do it for you.

Give both your dog and your child boundaries as both of them will function better knowing what is expected and what not. For instance not pulling the dog's tail and the dog not jumping up against your child...

It can be hard at first figuring it all out but remember just be calm and take care of yourself too. We never have to do this all alone…

Louise and the furry bunch.