Have you ever wondered about the dogs we see killed along the road?

Well for most of us the answer would be no.

Recently I have come across a dog being killed by a passing vehicle. I stopped and took the little one out of the road. Still a live there was nothing more to do for her except being there to comfort.

While I was driving back home I realized that if this was my dog I would have wanted to have everything with me that I could have used to help my dog.

So I decided to make an emergency first aid kit to put in my car.

A dog that is injured is prone to bite so I have to have a muzzle.

Then something for the shock like Rescue remedy as well as Traumheel for the injury.

• Bandage to wrap an open wound or broken bone.

• Super glue for cut pads.

• A towel to use as a compress or to keep a cold dog warm.

• Needle and thread for stitches.

• A book about snakes in South Africa or for where you live so that your vet can know for which snake to treat your dog.

• Tweezers to remove small particles.

• Something to sanitize the wound with.

• A little container with water to cool a dog with heat exhaustion.

• I also included an emergency first aid book in this kit.

Feel free to put anything extra in your kit that you can think off. Ask your vet what he would suggest you add to your kit.

Please take the time now to make sure that you have a kit like this in the house and in your car for what ever accident may occur. The vet is a phone call away but what we do in the first few minutes can make the change between life and death.

Lets work together in keeping our beloved dogs safe.

Louise and the furry bunch.