We all have good intentions when we get a dog and dreams of running on the beach playing fetch and going to a couple of behaviour training classes. For some dogs and their owners this seems like a fair amount of weekly exercise and yes maybe it is.

Most dogs need a little more mental and sometimes physical stimualtion. Not all dogs have the same needs. But for all breeds there are various sports and activities suitable to what they where initially bred to do. I am not talking about dog shows,as I think the stimulation is more for the human then the K9.

I recently heard about a hunting club for Beagles and Bassit Hounds. They follow a sardine trail and get rewarded with Biltong. This made me think of my Friend Lynn Orbison from Alaska who has Bassets...wonder how they would like such an event? Yes, Bassets in Alaska but she keeps them nice and warm inside.

I think most often we hear of agility where dogs like Border Collies jump over and through obsticals. Another sport that interest me is Terriers jumping over small hurdles in a race against other Terriers.

Labradors for instance are bred to haul out fish nets out of icy cold water so they do well in sports like Dock Diving, jumping in the air over water to retrieve something. They also use them for hunting and retrieving sports. I am sure many of you know how a Lab can jump and how good they are at retrieving...I have seen my Lab do this first hand. They also have a high tolerance for pain there for not bothered by the cold water.

My passion as some of you may know is dog sledding, where a dog pulls you on cart,sled, bike etc while running over a distance.

I hope to have intrigued you with an idea to explore different types of dog sports that are available. Some of which you can even do at home. You can build a small obstical course in your back yard. There are over 30 dog activities that you can choose from. You would be amazed at the different level you will be communicating and bonding with your dog. I know it made a huge difference for me.

If you are already doing some kind of activity with your dog click on the reply button and write to me about it. We can possibly add it on my web site under a topic for dog sports.

To learn more about dog sledding join us for our webinar/seminar 27 June @ dog-care-centre. I will be doing an introductory to dog sledding followed by a DVD of a Iditarod and Yukon Quest winner and then a webinar with certified dog trainer and Husky expert Kirsten R. Frisch. For more details click on this link.

Warm greetings from, Me and my 4 Paws

Mushers Convention-27 June 2010