Animal welfare goes beyond giving our dog’s food, water, exercise, love and to have good neighborly lines...what about knowing how to care for our dogs when they are ill or injured.

A while ago a client phoned me after hours in a state. Her 7 year old Labrador Max got cut on his leg outside the day before. Max started to build up a fever got puss in the wound and started to get dehydrated.

So I advised her to clean the wound with an anti septic and cut away the hair around the wound. Hair and debris are mostly what cause infections in an open wound even more so with cats as their skin close up a lot quicker. Then she used Epson salt in warm water to draw out the puss from the wound. She then dried the wound and applies Calendula ointment and administer Traumheel every hour for 6 dosages. She also gave Max a hydrating liquid diluted with water. This works well orally if the dog is not vomiting.

She did this during the night and the next morning got an appointment at the vet. When she got there the vet said usually they would give the patient anti-biotics but it seems like the wound is healing pretty well and that she should continue the treatment.

She then realised how important it is to know basic first aid care to be able to help Max. It is really just as important as knowing how to train your dog to sit and stay or any other cue. Accidents happen so quickly and we need to be able to act quickly and accurately.

That is why I decided to invite a friend and colleague of mine Manuela Fritz dog trainer and TTouch practitioner to come and give a hands on theory and practical first aid course in January. You really will receive your moneys worth at this course as we will tackle things like CPR, Bleeding, open cuts and wounds, sprains and swelling and much more. We will be interacting with dogs by letting everyone learn how to bandage a dog and feel a heart rate etc.

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