This is a longer info letter as I am writing about homeopathic remedies and it’s hard to say so much in just one letter…

I have previously written about a first aid kit, but going away this weekend to Ceres again with our dogs I realized yet again how important it is to know basic homeopathic remedies.

Often we need to take our dogs to a vet for a minor injury for lack of knowledge for basic care of wounds or injuries. Or sometimes we need just that something to buy us a little extra time until we are able to reach the vet.

Talking about homeopathic remedies I actually need to write a book, there is so much to know. But I want to share with you the basics for you to be able to help your dog in an emergency.

Something that happens very often like it did with my one dog this weekend is a paw being cut open...First you would need to stop the bleeding for you to be able to determine the injury. This can easily be done with Arnica tablets. I like to use Natura. This should stop the bleeding after the first tablet. If still bleeding after 30 minutes (in severe bleeding) give one dose of Phosphorus 30C. Flush out the wound with clean water and remove any unwanted obstacles like sand etc. Cut away the hair if applicable. Hair is what often causes infections.

Carefully use a little super glue if it's a straight cut to bond the skin again. Start giving the dog Traumheel every hour for 6 dosages and then one tablet 3 times a day. If the paw does get swollen and red soak it in luke warm water with Epson salt a few times hourly. This draws out the puss. Also keep the paw dry and open if possible. Also do not let your dog lick the wound as it will worsen. If not better with in 3 days see you vet as your dog might need anti biotics. Anti biotics might in some cases worsen the problem as it disenables the body to heal it self. Traumheel comes in an ointment too which is nice for after surgery care wounds like sterilization. This product is made by Heel. Traumheel helps the body to heal it self.

For injuries where the dogs is not able to lick the wound you should use Calendula ointment, once again I prefer Natura's product. You would do the same as prescribed for a paw cut except do not use super glue. Always cut away unwanted hair. I have used Arnica for severe nose bleeds caused by a fungus for a Rottweiler just to give the dog time until he reached his vet. In this case you would also administer Rescue remedy to calm the dog so that his blood pressure can lower. Rescue remedy can be found in a liquid form which works great by putting a few drops inside the ear lobe where the veins are so that the alcohol from it makes absorption fast. It comes in a tablet form more commonly known. This remedy could be used for car sickness, stress over a period of time, car accident shock, dog fights or any other shock or stress related situation. Consult your vet if it prolongs.

If you think your dog is poisoned, rush to the vet. Also administer the following; activated charcoal granules mixed with one cup of water, Nux vomica a few tablets every 15 minutes for 3 dosages. Try to bring along to the vet what ever poisoned your dog.

Diarrhea is a vert common ailment in dogs. Diarrhea can be caused by many things including parasites, stress, blockage, digestive problems, food allergies, and many others. Diarrhea is a symptom not a disease. If your dog has diarrhea for more than two days in a row I strongly suggest you get your dog into the Veterinarian. Diarrhea can quickly cause severe weight loss and electrolyte imbalance which cannot be cured without the assistance of your Veterinarian.

At home you can start by giving your dog an electrolyte fluid that you can buy at your local vet store to help prevent fluid loss. Also start by administering Milk Thistle which helps to rid the body of toxins. This usually helps after the first dosage when your dog has eaten rotten food etc. You could also add one tablet a day of Slippery Elm to line the digestive track.

One last injury I would like to discuss is a bite wound by your dog’s eye. Rinse the eye out with either clean water or dog safe eye drops to rid it of blood and other debris. Once again give your dog one dosage of Arnica and if possible you could put Calendula ointment on the wound by the eye lid. Also keep on administering Traumheel for swelling or if you don't have Traumheel you could continue with 1 tablet of Arnica 3 times a day until swelling is down. Never administer Arnica if no swelling or hemorrhage is visible as it could cause bleeding. Traumheel also has some Calendula in it and is great for swelling, arthritis, operations, muscle and joint injuries. Your homeopathic vet could also administer traumheel injections in severe cases.

Always check with your vet to ensure that your dog is healthy and that what you are doing is right. The information provided is a guideline and can not be replaced with needed visits to your vet. If you are unsure always consult with your vet.

If you have any questions about homeopathic remedies please click on the reply button of this mail. There are so much to know and so little space to write about it all.

Also take note of our First Aid course hosted by dog-care-centre will be available in about 2 months time. Manuela Fritz (certified dog trainer) will be talking as well as practically showing you how to help your dog in an emergency. If you would like more detail on this 1 day course please click on the reply button. Space is limited.

Wags and woofs from, Louise and her tail wagging crew