Having two dogs is a lot different from having one dog. But...having 3 dogs is not really that different after a while of having 2 dogs. 4 to 5 Dogs is a lot different from 2 or 3 dogs not because of the obvious number but because the whole dynamic changes.

I started out with 1 dog and with a lot of debate got my second dog an Alaskan husky and then with a little less debate the third Alaskan Husky walked up to my front door and invited himself to stay. Soon the third dog felt very much the same as having only the Labrador and my second dog Ice. But when number 4 and number 5 came along it never felt the same again as having 2 dogs.

When you have multiple dogs; meaning more then 1 dog you need to set time aside for individual attention and training for each dog. If you don't do this your dogs will soon learn to not bond with you but to bond with each other. Doing things in a group is great too, but you need the individual time with each dog. This way you won't only strengthen the bond between you and each dog but also give you an opportunity to work on unwanted behaviours arising from being part of a group of dogs. Off course when you put the dogs together you might need to go back to kindergarten and do the same training in the group setting as well because the environment is different when you add the rest of the dogs.

I find myself every now and then picking up behaviours from my dogs that if they did it as an individual dog it would not matter as much as being part of a big group of dogs. The fact is that we compile a group of dogs, they do not choose to be part of the group them self's there for we need to help them through training, exercise and boundaries to fit into a group of dogs in a healthy manner. Over all my dogs get along very well and socialise with dogs that come to dog-care-centre wonderfully. But...for some people the next dog may be 1 dog to many this could be your second dog or third or fourth dog and that is okay. The key is to realise when you are feeling outnumbered by your dogs and then doing something about the situation.

Merry Christmas to you from me and my fur kids.

P.S: I would like to officially introduce Nicola Hall to our dog-care-centre team. She is such a wonderful asset to dog-care-centre.

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