Well it's this time of year, where everyone is getting ready for their well deserved holiday and for Christmas.

My kennel is filled and so are many others with dogs being left behind so that their loving owners can recharge and get ready for the New Year.

But what about those animals that are not as fortunate for owners who thought of them and made sure that they are well taken care off while they are away?

Those are the ones that get lost, starve to death or get euthanized/put down because the shelters are just too full. These are not only mixed breed dogs that not many would like to adopt, these are Dutch hounds, Labradors, German Shepherds, Huskies, Poodles etc... Who ever was in first goes first.

This is the reality.

So if you are staying home this holiday, wouldn't you like to maybe foster a dog or cat over this season? This makes the animals chances of being adopted later also much better as he is able to get socialized and fit better into a family in the future.

Thousands of dogs are put down each year, dogs that where once the cute puppy. So if you don't want your own dog, could you maybe foster them over this time or adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy.

Please what ever you do, don't buy a puppy or a kitten for Christmas for someone as it's not to say that, that person is able to care for the animal after or during this season.

If your dog is included in your holiday, remember to take with his first aid kit and check that you have everything in it that you need.

This is my list: Muzzle, Antibiotic ointment, Nail clipper, Gauze, Aspirin, Dosing syringe, Belly bands, Scissors, Glue, Arnica, Rescue remedy, Traumheel, Calendula, Nux Vomica, Blankets/towels, Sea salt/Saline, Water and Cotton wool

There are many other things you could add. I also think it's a good idea to get some basic knowledge of things like, hemorrhage, insect and snake bites, poison, burns and cuts, convulsions, heat stroke, car accidents, gunshot wounds, breathing and heart stopped.

What we do in the first few minutes on our way to the vet can have a huge impact.

Enjoy this holiday season and be safe.

All the best Louise