When we have children we prepare them from the day they are born to be healthy and well adjusted children growing into adults. We prepare them for their first day of school as best we can and make provision for certain difficulties arising ahead. Well it's the same with our dogs and training them to be well adjusted and behaved dogs to our standard.

With dogs we also need to work on getting them to well adjust to new environments. This does not only mean places but also include other organisms in your dogs surroundings. Just like management; training can also fail, the key is to be prepared. At some point your dog will also make a bad judgment call and it's our responsibility to guide them and give them positive feedback to shape the desired behaviour.

Practice in all different surroundings off course starting at home. There is no good end result in putting your dog out there in a new environment just expecting the worst but hoping for the best and then saying see I knew you could not do it.

At some point your dog will fail and you need to set your dog up for success by teaching your dog to handle stress and different environments. When you take your dog to a new situation be prepared as far as possible and do not be emotionally involved in the situation including stressed or worried or even saying that your dog will fail whether it will be with re call, socialising with other dogs or what ever the challenge might be.

Positive thoughts not only helps you to think clear and make rational choices but also is picked up by your dog. If you are prepared for new challenges before it arise and the training you have done has failed you which at some point it will you will be able to act immediately with the second best solution. Do not only rely on treats and other managing tools like collars and leads. Use treats to reinforce not to bribe. Reinforce your dog when he has done well by praise or what ever else is reinforcing to your dog.

Be consistent in your cues and spot on with your timing. When you call your dog don't just say his name but attach the cue to his name too so that he knows what you want. Be aware of your surroundings but pay extra attention to your dog. Be THERE when you are training in a new environment.

Yours in dogs, Louise

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