Winter time and dogs are probably the most fun time of the year for me as I have Alaskan Huskies who pretty much dread summer...

Winter on the other hand for dogs brings along leaves falling that they can chase and catch as Autumn begins and the trees shake of their leaves. My Alaskan friends had a very cold winter and are now after all the races and the Iditarod almost near it's end with Lance Mackey in the lead looking forward to some spring.

But here by us our winter is a little less dramatic then in Alaska where it snows and get's below -40'C.

I thought to give some tips to get ready for winter.

So after our doggies had time to chase the leaves they now would like fresh oven baked liver treats and any other flavour mom could come up with. Now is the time for running around during the day and having fun in the rain. In the evening they snuggle up by the fire at your feet nice and cozy.

So as winter is creeping up on us you could start adding a little more substance to your dogs diet, not nesecerily calories but something that keeps the belly warmer for longer. This can be something like green beans. You could also add some straw, shavings (some shavings can cause allergies) or a blanket to your dogs kennel. But be sure to check regurlary that the bedding is dry. Wet bedding can cause much more harm then no bedding at all. Do not close the door of your dogs kennel as this just traps unwanted moisture.

For Husky owners; as soon as it's starting to be colder your dog will get his second coat back and warm up nicely.

Try to maintain the same exercise level you did with your dog during summer, even though you might think it's cold and raining out side your dog thinks it's the best time ever to go for a run. So put on those rain jackets and gum boots and off you go with your pooch.

For the older doggies or those with less coat you could think about a Thermo coat and some dog booties when going outside for exercise. For those who get really cold, soak their dry kibble in hot water for about 30 min. It softens up the kibble for those with less teeth and it warms up the belly. You can also give your dog some meat extract with hot water as a treat to warm up his belly. Remember that it's not dry kibble that keeps your dogs teeth white and healthy but the quality of what he eats.

Add some bones to his diet too as it helps with strong teeth and its something to make the tummy a little extra full apart from his daily diet. Try and give raw bones as they splinter less.

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Last but not least if you are able to adopt one of these two wonderfull dogs please contact me.


Reminder about All Breeds Sledding Club on the 28th of March at 7:00am. All is welcome.

All Breeds Sledding Club

Warm Winter good bye's to you and your dog/s... Louise

These are my friend Lynn Orbison Sprint musher in Alaska; Alaskan Huskies.