Ingredients for a natural raw diet

Dogs need protein for growth, repair and energy as well as fats. They need water at lib, minerals and vitamines as well as fibre. They need little carbohydrates.

This list is just some of the many ingredients for a raw diet that I feed to my dog's.



Grated carrots

Green beans





Cooked pumpkin (contains a lot of fibre and and a natural antidot for diarrhea and and constipation. Also helps to fill up a dog that needs to be slimming)









(Never Grapes or Raisins as it is highly toxic).


Rice to add carbohydrates to the diet is very important.This can also be obtained through cooked Pumpkin and Gem squash.


All bones and meat raw…try not to feed chicken bones, if you do feel the need to do so, do it raw as it splinters less.

Any meat is fine; they say that chicken can be more prone to cancer then other meats so keep it moderate.

Try and add all different cuts of fatty parts, organs and “meaty” meat.

Liver can be very good but keep it at moderation. As prescribed in Dr Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, keep it less then 10% of the total meat mix.

You could also add things like lentils and beans to make your meat mixture go further as it is less expensive. But make sure your dogs digest it.

I give my dogs once a day each one cup of fruit and veggie mix and about 3-4 cups of meat mixture depending on the size and weight of the dog.

Supplements to add...

Apple cider vinigar (oxiginates the blood, kills germs and flushes toxins)

Kelp (aids with thyroid function, dry and dull skin)

Vitamin C (Dogs manufacture their own vit C BUT can be depleted by stress and environmental toxins very quickly)

Vitamin E (Helps with free radicals that leads to cancer and heart disease)

Plain Yogurt( Although dogs do not digest lactose to well active yogurt helps with the intestinal track. A table spoon every now and then added to the food can be benificial)

You can add food to the list as you like and replace food on the list as well.

This is just a guide line to get you started.

Brown rice and chicken also helps with diarrhea. You can feed just this to get your dog over an upset tummy.

If after this your dogs skin is still dull and dry and you know your water supply is of poor quality you can give your dog bottled water.


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