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Dog Care Info, Issue 43
September 26, 2012

This is not a training or behavior news letter but just some sharing of experiences with amazing animals.

Over the past 5 years I have been privileged to be involved with Husky Rescue S.A. it started with taking in a very badly neglected Malamute that I chased down to his owners house to many more there after.

I have decided to take a leave of absence from rescue work and will no longer be taking in new foster Huskies.

A little History

After rehoming Thunder the Malamute, I have rehomed and or fostered, Max,Jack, Whisky, Decota whom we adopted, Mische, Denali whom we adopted, Katinka,Suzie,Tecani,Whisky,Lila,Michka,Rusty,Mia,Demon,Aurora, Larry and Joey who are two brothers,Kazan,Blackie,Sheila,Laika,Nikita,Sasha,Jemma,Waggy,Whisky, Kinley whom we adopted and came to us at the age of 5 weeks malnutritioned. Ice,Dakota,Shakira,Zack,Joe,Ice,Shadow,Spirit,Martin,Chloe and her 7 puppies and Kiska with her 5 puppies whom a friend helped me with for a while as well as Zena and Poe and last but not least Joey but he is a Beagle that we adopted.

In total 52 Huskies, 2 cross breeds and 1 Beagle of whom we adopted 4. This has lead me to do over a 100 home checks as hardly ever the first home check is approved. I have also assess and done home checks for shelters helping rehome their Huskies. Needless to say that I learned so much from each animal and from people.

Most of these dogs stayed with us for some time even months. Larry and Joey stayed with us for 8 months, some stayed in our home and could only go out on lead as they would jump our wall and want to catch the neighbours chickens, others would be very vocal and even destructive, like Chloe ruined two of our wooden window frames. 4 Of them I had to rehome more than once which is very hard especially dealing with the people. Each of them had a story to tell and each of them took a place in my heart and taught me something unique.

I have learned what some people lack in knowledge and skill when it comes to living with a Husky which inspired me to write my first book; Winter Dogs;Living with huskies as pet dogs. Specifically for people starting out with a Husky or having difficulty. I have since revised it and wrote a second edition. I have picked up dogs in the strangest sometimes scary places and done home checks as far as Langebaan,Swellendam,Fishoek and Bredas Dorp. I have met amazing people that have so much heart for these animals.

I have seen how badly people can neglect dogs, but also how warm and understanding a family can be towards a dog they adopt. How forgiving dogs are and willing to teach people the goodness of the world. Each dog has been so grateful once they have settled with their new families. Each of them have been such a great part of our lives.

A Few Stories

Denali was found in Houtbay where she was walked by a man that beat her daily on their walks, when she came here to be fostered I did a home check for her and at the time I could not explain it but I did not approve the home for her. This family did end up adopting Mische whom they still love and adore. She was meant to stay with us.

When you would approach her she would pancake (lie down with anxiety) and if you touch her she would scream. She could not be left alone and it took months to get her settled and calm. She is now one of our most well behaved and adjusted dogs. At first when we went to farms with the dogs, she would just stay by my side not wanting to run and explore with the other dogs. She started to realize that it's okay, she can also play in the fields, we will still be there when she gets back.

Decota was depressed when we got him. He was abandoned by his owners. Every night when we went to sleep he would cry out with such sadness. He became better but was always so distant and detached. We started to do mushing with him along with Gephetto and Ice. This started to help, but he still had a long way to go. Once we adopted Denali and she settled they became such good mates. They would play for what seemed like hours at a time. Decota became a new dog, he remembered how to be a dog and is now full of life.

Nala was thrown from a car and had two more homes before she went to her wonderful family that adores her with her brother Roak.

Martin was hit by a car and had severe injuries and eventually died, but the time that he spend here was so special. Everyone loved him, the vet even wanted to adopt him.

Aurora was so thin when she first got here that her organs started to shut down, but with lots of patience and small regular meals she became a beautiful Malamute girl going on school trips with her new little girl person.

Thunder was matted and had yellow puss coming out of his eyes and blood from his ears. With proper food and grooming over a few months he blossomed into this beautiful big white fluffy Malamute.

Each one of them had a story and each one of them became a happy story.

I now still have Kiska with me that needs a home. She is 3 years old and just recovered from having 5 puppies. She was taken in from a family who could no longer care for her and now is ready to find her forever family.

So instead of fostering and rehoming I have decided to offer my help and guidance to Husky owners out there who have adopted a Husky.

Within the next month we hope to have set up a second weekly conference call named "Husky Talk". This will be a free service that I will be offering to people in need of behavior and training advice.

If you are interested in this service or know of someone that might benefit contact us on and we will give the information as soon as possible.This service will also be advertised to shelters in the area so that they can send people adopting a Husky from them to us.

You can also support husky rescue by going to their web site They are always in need of foster homes, donations, volunteers and possible homes for Huskies.

Rescue work is not for everyone, it's hard work and can be emotionally strenuous. It's worth it and I think worth trying out. There are many ways one can assist so contact an organization or shelter and see what you can possibly do. I always say even if you don't get involved, it does start at home and taking great care of your dog/s is already a big deal. If everyone did that there would be no need for shelters, which means that it is the most important of all.

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