Books I have read and loved

Marley and me by John Grogan: Life and love with the world’s worst dog.

It’s about the author and his wife as newly weds falling in love with a Labrador they named Marley. Marley even gets kicked out of puppy obedience training but ends up being a star in a movie. Then they have a baby and Marley struggles to fit into their perceived idea of the family dog.

Don’t shoot the dog by: Karen Pryor

In this book Karen talks about positive reinforcement training not only for dogs but in our daily human relationships too. She clearly explains the difference between conventional methods and positive reinforcement. It really is a live changing book that opens your world of communication and handling situations. It also offers great training advice.

Books by Patricia B McConnell

How to be the leader of the pack…and have your dog love you for it.

The other end of the leash.

Dr Pitcairn’s complete guide to natural health for dogs and cats. by: Richard H Pitcairn and Susan Hubble Pitcairn.

Dr Pitcairn is one of the top leaders in homeopathy in the United States. He currently gives lectures in his field. Through this book you will read about severe cases of sick animals being treated under his care making remarkable recoveries. The book also gives an complete guide to caring for your dog or cat. You will find recipes for a natural diet explaining everything step by step.

This book contains so much valuable information that it is impossible to list them all.

Animal Self-Medication Caroline Ingraham

Another great book on self healing for all animal species that I make use of in my own practice of healing animals emotionally and physically.

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Louise Basson on the Expresso Show talking about Huskies and Husky Rescue 2012.