Veterinary care

I think first it is important to establish what a vet is...

We all know an allopathic vet. This is our traditional vet using traditional medicine and science to heal our dogs. This means that the medicine is used to control and treat the symptoms of the disease and not necessarily the disease it self. This will include treatments like vaccines, antibiotics, cortisone treatments, surgery etc.

These kinds of treatments many times have lots of side effects and negative out comes. Some drugs causes other negative symptoms of feeling sleepy, depressed, skin thinning etc.

But in emergencies this type of healing is needed.

Then we have an Holistic approach

Many symptoms that we see of disease come from a much deeper root. And in Holistic veterinary for instance if a dog has got an Thyroid disorder you will see symptoms of weight dropping or picking up depending if it is in or over active as well as greasy and flaky skin. So yes your vet can give you a remedy to help with the skin condition too, but what the dog needs is to have a remedy not to just provide replacement hormones but to actually get the thyroid to function normal again.

So why the skin problem, well the skin is the largest organ of the body and many disorders or allergies show up on the skin, indicating that there is an underlying problem. Very rarely is it the skin that has got a problem.

Let’s give an example closer to home...

My Lab Gephetto has been loosing weight since we have moved two months ago. At first we thought as he had diarrhea the first two day's that he maybe ate something bad. So the allopathic vet gave him antibiotics.

This didn't solve the problem...

The homeopathic vet thought that it was caused due to stress, so she gave him calming remedies. It made him calm, but he still didn't pick up any weight. By this time he has lost 5kg in two months.

I changed his diet from raw to cooked food like Oats, scrambled egg etc as it is less harsh on the stomach to digest. The diarrhea went away.

So then the doctor tested his stools and we found that his pancreas has to fewer enzymes. Meaning that his body doesn't absorb fat. Well not enough as it was not totally inactive.

So we started giving him pig pancreas and a remedy to help his pancreas function normal again and with in a week he has been picking up weight with out any side effects.

But at the end it's with which vet you and your dog feel comfortable with and trust as this is extremely important. We need to establish a relationship with our vets before there is an emergency.

Remember to ask questions. Don't feel that it's a stupid question, there is no such thing.

For Cape Town I have two great vets both are homeopathic vets.

Dr Sue Hayes (homeopathic vet) in Pinelands, Southern Suburbs. - 021 531-0477

Our vets are priceless to us because we value and love our dogs so much. So take some time to get to know your vet’s point of view and your vet know your concerns and likes as well as dislikes.

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