Why do some pet food smell so bad

Why do we can, can food? Well it is to preserve them for longer.

Have you ever opened a can of dog food and wondered why it smells so bad? I know I have and thinking how will I scoop this stuff out of the can. It's just really very revolting.

Well here is the thing...

Quote from Dr Pitcairns Natural Health for Dogs and Cats book.

Each year 116.000 mammals and nearly 15 million birds get condemned before slaughter. After killing, another 325.000 carcasses are discarded and more than 5.5 million major parts are cut away because they are determined to be diseased. Shockingly, 140.000 tons of poultry are condemned annually, mainly due to cancer. The diseased animals that cannot be sold are processed into...animal feed.

So I think that answers the question, why some pet food smell.

So what they did then is started processing the food into dry kibble. This means that more sugar and preservatives has to be used as it is not being canned and need to have the same shelf life as canned food.

This is also where many allergies start out...

So next time you don't want to use your spoon to scrape out the dog food can, think of your dog that maybe shouldn't eat it.

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