Doggy Day Care

Who can come and play?

We cater for both small and large dogs in our day care program and keep them separate. 

Well socialized dogs are welcome. A screening fee for the first day is applicable.  Dogs attending day care must be socialized as this is not a training scenario but just a time for dogs to positively interact with one another. 

How do we go about it?

Day care is socialization between 2-6 dogs with 1 to 2 professional staff members to supervise at all times. Dogs can play freely on a huge lawn and take part in stimulating play. Toys are only introduced if none of the dogs in the group is toy aggressive. Excessive barking or vocalization is interrupted through body language or if need be short time out sessions for more rough play.

How long is play time?

Day care takes place any where from 10 min - 30 min at a time and repeated through out the course of the day. Each dogs needs and personality is different which determines how long they are able to enjoy play without being over stimulated. No bullying is aloud during play.

If the dog/s however need to have a down time separate from the others dogs from being over stimulated it will be done and play will commence again later during the day.

Dogs can play to their hearts content with other dogs, swimming, running, playing with toys and interacting with humans all super vised at all times. No big groups of dogs as we believe less is more.

Dogs booked for day care will also enjoy a 20 minute walk off the property during the course of the day. We ask that you provide us with a harness for walks.

For rates and information, please contact us directly. Discount applies to monthly bookings. T&C Apply.

Day Care Versus Training

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