Fascia Trauma Release Therapy
For Animals and People

"Motion is Lotion"

Fascia is where our body holds a lot of trauma physical and emotional. Fascia holds the body together from the toes right up to the head. More and more studies and proof of the importance of fascia is being discovered.

Fascia is made up of sheets of connective tissue that is found below the skin. These tissues attach, stabilize, impart strength, maintain vessel patency, separate muscles, and enclose different organs. It keeps everything together, for a long time we focused only on muscle and bone but fascia is what greatly impacts us and was over looked for decades. Even today there are therapist that do not know the role fascia plays in our health and the health of animals.

Facia carries scar tissue after operations and can get really stuck over bones including hip bones, ribs etc. Often when I work on horses, dogs or people doing energy work it comes up that they have blockages stored in their fascia. Once you start working on the fascia the person or animal is able to release old stagnant energy which also gives them a pain release.

Ignoring the fascia can lead to Myofascial pain syndrome and can become extremely painful for humans and animal alike. 

This deep fascia provides protection for the muscles and is part of a communication network transferring signals between all parts of a horse's body as well as with us and our dogs. Some areas of deep fascia are also attached all the way to the bones or the epimysium which cover muscles.

Often animals are in discomfort and cannot tell their owners as all organs and bones and tendons seem fine but their pain lie in the restrictions of their fascia.

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