Pet Products

We stock a wide variety of pet products. We specialize on a couple of imported dog products. Including Alpine sledding and urban trail gear  and Howling Dog Alaska Sledding gear,  2Hound Design No-Pull harnesses, Zuke's dog treats, 2Hound Design collars and leads and dog booties.

We also offer veterinary products including tick and flea products like Revolution, Frontline, Capstar etc and also things probiotics to aid in the recovery of diarrhea like Protexin and Pro-colon for dogs,cats,horses and small animals. We stock a variety of high quality dog shampoo's, eye and ear cleaners, stain and odour removers, vitamin supplements, toothpastes and much more.

We stock dog and cat food and food for small animals including, bunnies,mice and hamsters as well as birds and fish food and products.

Our Dog Food that we stock are: Montego, Lionels Choice, Jock, Dog Sense and Dogs Matters (raw dog food).

On our staff we have 2 dog trainers, 2 dog groomers and 1 pet nutritionist.

We also have dog and cat beds, scratch posts, toys, grooming products and a variety of dog chews and treats including dental treats.

Visit our shop at Cape garden Centre, Joostenberg Vlakte, Cape Town


We no longer have an online shop, but please feel free to email us should you wish to purchase from us as we do courier outside of Cape Town.