Dogs acting out

Dogs that act out when you have a new baby in the house can be hard...

We tend to make the mistake of keeping the dog away from our baby to keep the baby safe.

They need to interact with each other so that they can bond. Your dog needs to know he is still a part of the family.

We can’t just say no to them the whole time and put them outside. This is when your dog will bark constantly, dig holes and be irritated with your baby.

With these supervised "visits" with your dog and baby start with small steps. Maybe the first few times will only be a few seconds that they spend with each other. You can gradually increase the time.

Both your dog and baby should have boundaries. Don't let your baby pull your dog’s tail or ears. Never let your baby hug your dog, they can feel threatened. This is what happens often and then the dog reacts to that.

On the other side don't let your dog jump up against your child. Your child could get frightened at your dog. Rather let both of them sit down.

If you are UN able to take your dog for walks try to invest in a dog walker. If your dog still does not seem to be happy you can send him to a doggie day care for a few hours a week. Just so that he can get rid of that excess energy.

Try not to feel stressed. If you live in chaos and stress your dog and baby will mirror that back to you.

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