Removing your expectations of dog training 

We often want to over power our animals with training even by making use of force free training. We push our dogs into day cares and we spend hours on training them. Or we pay other people to train them which ever the case may be there must be a balance. 

I am a dog trainer and have been one for many years. I am however also a animal communicator and know first hand through my own animals that if we push our agenda or idea of how our pets must be, we fail miserably.

Most of us are rather stubborn and it takes a few growls and bites before we choose to be enlightened in excepting our animals for the whole being that they are. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying your dog should not receive training and boundaries. Off course it needs boundaries it does not know how to be in a household we have to teach them.

What I mean is, do we take them walking at the promenade or dog park for the dog or do we push an ulterior motive that maybe has to do with our own ego. Do we over train our dogs because of an insecurity of our own or not train our dogs because we make excuses for being lazy?

Are you constantly making excuses for why something would not work, if you get professional advice that you seek out but still think you know better are you really open to hear what is staring you right in the face?

Balance in any relationship is what dogs need. Just like with humans they are a specie just like we are. We are all part of the laws of nature we are not exempted in any way. Gravity affects us the same as all animals, earth quakes affects as the same as all other animals. 

We don't deserve the respect of our animals nor can demand it, we have to accept that some dogs are not cut out to be a cuddle dog or a dog that you can take to busy dog parks or day cares. 

One of the issues we most often hear are people who say that they don't think their dog will be ok to stay with us for training. Realize that you are very likely projecting your own fears onto your dog no matter how neglected your dog was before you adopted him, we have to realise that we are not the centre stage and that there are other people just as equipped to care for the dog hence the reason you are seeking out help.

A relationship like any is not build on training it is only a small part of it, other things that are just as important, being responsible and not making excuses, being consistent, not having your own agenda and expectations when working with your dogs. 

Having an animal in this case a dog in your life is both very personal as the energy your send out reflects directly to your dog but also very impersonal that not everything is about you and the dog even when scared is a unique whole being.

Here at the centre we play with them, we communicate with them and then yes we do training but there is a balance.