Genetically determined and inherited behaviour

Epemiletic Behaviour

Care giving behaviour-Female nurturing her puppies.

Etepimeletic Behaviour

The puppy seeks care from the mother. This can be seen in later stages of your dogs life too.

Investigatory Behaviour

When a puppy starts searching for new environments and stimulation by exploring. It's preceived by his senses.

Allellomimetic Behaviour

Better known as mimic behaviour- The puppy or adult dog feels safe by doing what the others are doing even if it's not a dog he mimics.

Agonistic Behaviour

Aggression behaviour including conflict.The dog either attacks or defend himself.

Ingestion Behaviour

It's controlled by hunger, comfort eating and many other factors.

Elimination Behaviour

Forms as a result of ingestion behaviour.

Comfort Seeking Behaviour

When a dog seeks shelter, from weather conditions, feeling scared or threatened.

Sexual Behaviour

For reproduction of puppies. The behaviour is dimorphic meaning that the behaviour is completely different for male and female.

Relaxation Behaviour

Resting, sleeping and playing with other dogs or humans.

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