Grooming Price List

Wash and Dry

                           Short Coat                           Long Coat/Double coat

Small 10kg>           R100                                          R110

Medium 11-20kg     R110                                          R120

Large Breed 21kg<  R120                                          R130

Deluxe Treatments

Wash & dry, brushing, anal gland extractions, nail trim, ear and eye clean.

                Short coat  Long Coat    Shave     De-Shedding   De-matting

Small Breed  R140       R160          R250        R200              R290

Med Breed   R160        R180          R280        R220              R350

Large Breed R200        R220          R360        R260              R450

X large breed R220       R240          R380        R280             R500

A difficult to handle fee of R100 will be charged if needed.

Bunny Grooming

  • Bunny Shave - R200 includes nail trim and scent gland cleaning
  • De-matting with Shave - R400 includes nail trim and scent gland cleaning.
  • Nail trimming R30.00