Healing through Plants and Intuition

Healing through plants and intuition

Just like animals we are able to “self-medicate” through selecting plant material to help us. Since we learn to verbally communicate our sense of smell is not as in tuned as animals sense of smell. Caroline Ingraham whom I have done courses with on Zoopharmacogsny explains this best; that through verbal communication we have lost some of our other senses like smell but we can reactivate it again.

However we did not completely loose our ability and what gives us the added advantage is that we can communicate how we feel physically and emotionally especially when we trust our own intuition. Intuition is not this off planet voice speaking an unfamiliar language, it’s you your soul thinking and responding to your environment, feelings and thoughts. Unlike our feelings and even physical state that changes every few minutes our intuition is constant in bringing on changes that require us to trust ourselves but also changes that take work. These changes do not allow us to be lazy and wounded instead it lets us nurture ourselves when we require rest, but also push us to do “the work” when it’s time to grind. This will include learning to trust yourself, possibly making work changes, family and friend relationship changes, possibly moving house to name a few. It’s not about getting to know what is in it for you, our purpose is to serve other and that is best done when we start looking after ourselves. Maybe you need to let a crutch go that is keeping you wounded like drinking, smoking, excessive shopping, an unhealthy relationship, a job that is slowly killing you to name a few. Maybe you put all your power into money, what car you drive and clothes you wear?

Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, in that abusive job or relationship. Maybe you are the abuser. So this may sound strange but the work lies in changing that. That is your souls journey to not just accept how things are and that life is supposed to be miserable and you are supposed to be average in just work to survive, when you are stuck in that way know that it is due to not actively making choices but just letting life happen.  None of us are more special than the other but we are all part of the whole and what we do as one we do to the whole. You might not think you throwing your cigarette bud out your window affects anyone else or you might not care if it does, but those things that we think is insignificant in fact are the things that matter to your soul.  Little lies in our soul is what makes us become ill, constant worry and stress is what makes us sick and continually making excuses of why we cannot make changes is what keeps us stuck.

I would like to encourage you to start doing the work. There are so many masters of this craft of teaching soul work out there that can help guide you. One of my favourite mentors even though I have not personally met her is Caroline Myss author and medical intuitive. My personal mentor and friend but available to all of your is Kirsten R Frsich from Colorado. She is a Red Hat Qigong master.

The food we eat also plays a big role in our well being, eating organic does not help if we freeze everything and then micro wave heat it. We kill the life force within the food that is the fuel we need. When we add chlorine to water we kill the life force energy in the water that help sustain us. A very good mentor on this subject is Dr M Teitelbaum. However as Caroline Myss puts it, you can eat cat food and be better of doing soul work than the person who eats healthy but does not live in honesty and universal truth. It’s not about your opinions of others and how they should be living that counts, the only rules that count are the universal rules.

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