Multi functional dog household

I was looking forward writing about a multi functional dog household as it is dear to my heart.

I remember when we got our second was only me that wanted a second dog.

My husband didn't mind me getting another dog but he did let me know that this one is on me.

I was so worked up. My emotions were running all over the place.

We only had one day to decide if "we" wanted this puppy.

It was a Sunday so everyone I tried to phone to "help" me with this decision was other wise engaged.

Just before phoning the breeder saying that we are not coming I changed my mind.

We got in the car and off we went.

Over in the corner of the yard was 3 big huskies and 3 little puppies running and playing.

I didn't really look at any of the other puppies...I saw Ice.

I picked her up and off we went.

The next day I started searching for information about this new little sweet thing that I brought home.

She seemed scared and uncertain.

I bathed her and wrapped her in a towel. I held on to her for a few hours while she was sleeping.

Gephetto our Lab only met her a day or what later.

The best idea is to let your dogs meet at a mutual new place for both.

They took to each other like milk and honey.

I kept her in the house till the age of 4 months.

As months went by I learned much about the dynamics of having and being part of a multi functional dog household.

I couldn't believe that I was so stressed about adding another dog to the family.

I thought about which gender I should get and decided that getting a female with another male is probably better then getting another male.

Ice made Gephetto her big brother.

Only when we got Decota my other Husky a few months later did I realize that my dogs are extremely different from each other.

Decota was a rescue so he had baggage...we all have baggage.

But he had baggage that I knew nothing about. I didn't even know what his name was.

So this out grown dog had to adapt to two new "siblings" whether he wanted to or not as did my other two.

I have come to learn that although I love my dogs equally, it's all in a unique way.

They are so different and their needs are different.

I had to listen to them and watch them to see when and how they needed my undivided attention.

Decota always had this feeling of not belonging so I had to make extra effort of showing him that he is just as wanted.

Ice has a lady like gentleness about her that I need to consider. Gephetto is huge but with such a soft heart.

I can't imagine life with only one dog anymore. The 3 dogs feels like having one to me now...just so much more.

The best part is that my husband joined in the fun.

I think the key to having happiness with all your dogs knowing that they all don't need the same things. Life doesn't maybe always seem fair.


What is good for the one can be bad for the other or may not work.

It can be hard to withhold something from another dog. But that really shows that you know your dogs.

Be so little that you can step back and "listen" to what your dog is telling you. Don't always try and be in control. I know I learned a lot stepping down from my pedestal.

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