My Philosophy is a Holistic Approach 

I like to think that we treat a dog as a whole being and not just by working on unwanted behaviours or ailments. Many of our clients contact us regarding health issues like skin conditions, stomach ailments etc and off course behaviour issues. This happens when they feel they have used all conventional resources and are at their wits end. We make use of various methods including self-selection, animal communication, light therapy, training and sometimes just patience we are able to help dogs get over trauma, get through fear and build their confidence. I also make use of the products I have made available to my clients for home use; Naturally Green. These products are to help get relaxation, assist with walks, vet and parlour visits and just general calmness. We have products like this not only for dogs, but for cats and horses too and yes for the humans as well. We also have products for skin issues, bacterial - fungal infections and parasite infestations. Just to name a few. You can learn more about this on our online shop or when you visit as at the centre.