The human race has come to popular believe that vaccines ensure that the particular disease can not harm the human or animal when administered...

Unfortunately this is not accurate.

When your dog’s immune system is down or being depressed by another chemical like Cortisone, being spayed or neutered etc, the body cannot make the needed anti-bodies to defend him self to this "disease" being administered through a vaccine. First off this disease is entering the body in a UN natural way, meaning that it is not through the dogs, mouth, nose etc.

So if your dog had a little inflammation or disease underlying the vaccine will then insure that the body will have difficulty fighting this disease and can have severe effects.

Meaning a chronic disease can occur as the immune system is weakened.

Many vets believe that after being vaccinated the particular dog cannot get the disease, like for instance kennel cough. But this is simply not true.

Actually if your dog gets ill after being vaccinated the anti-bodies that your dog’s body was suppose to produce to fight the vaccine may not be a match to fight the current disease.

If your dog has been vaccinated as a young dog it is not necessary to vaccinate for the remainder of a dogs life. Especially a dog with a weakened immune system. Except the rabies shot by law.

Cape Town is the only province in S.A. that still allows you to only give rabies shot every third year instead of annually. So take advantage of this and insist on it when you take your dog to the vet.

I have made this error too and have come to realize that even though it may be popular believe, the evidence is just too strong to ignore.

So next time think about it twice...

In my kennel I do ask for inoculation papers as it is the law. But if a dog has got an depressed immune system and has the vets consent, then I will not enforce this rule. As I strongly believe over vaccinating does more harm then good.

So what is kennel cough you might ask? Well it's a vaccine given to dogs that usually have to stay in a kennel. Dogs develop kennel cough when they are surrounded with lots of dogs and aren’t eating as well as they should, due to unknown food and feeling depressed from being away from their owners. This is likely to occur in older and weaker dogs. But getting a kennel cough vaccine does not insure that your dog will not develop this disease.

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