Why did I learn to mush

Why did I learn to mush?

For fun and bonding with my dogs…but I got much more.

In South Africa where I live most "mushers" only have registred Siberians and not Alaskan huskies.

In the beginning when I first got Ice I was open minded but didn't have the "knowledge" I have now.

I wanted to know more and I found much more then I ever could have dreamed of.

I thought then what I know now that my Alaskan huskies have got more then what it takes.

But it's not about what people think...I think we base too much on what other people think. And to little on our dogs.

I know my dogs are great, even if they are just great for me. And I know that my dogs think I am great even though many others may disagree.

I honor my dogs in doing this sport for the fun of it.

I think if we do it for the wrong reasons our dogs can bring us back to earth very quickly if they decide to do so.

That connection that I have with my dogs wouldn't be there if I didn't see us as a united team.

Without my dogs I wouldn't be able to participate, they do 90% of the work. I am just along for the ride.

I feel overwhelmed with the blessing that my dogs share this with me. It's a remarkable experience to be on that little pink scooter of mine and my dogs doing what they do. It's absolutely amazing no matter if they could or could not win a race.

It’s not about the breed or speed for that matter it’s about having fun.

Any dog can learn to pull and have fun while doing so.

If you can look beyond people’s insecurities you can make some great friends. People that can even be your mentor along the way…

We tend to go with pre "decided" ideas before actually being there and taking part. We shouldn't do that. I know it's a coping megenasim but we might just miss out on something great.

I am making great friends with Husky owners of all breeds and there are some great people among them. Some of them are mushers and other have them as pet dogs.

I think it's all about our attitudes and why we want to do certain things. I think if we do it for the fun of it our dogs will respect us more and give us their best. And I think that is more then we could ever expect.

So try to forget about the people do it because you love the sport and you love your dogs. And the main goal is fun, what ever comes with that is a bonus.

You'll do great, just practice with your four legged kids and remember fun and safety, if you keep that in mind the rest will take care of it self.

Don't limit yourself or your dogs by putting your dogs in a "mental" box. We tend to have an idea of how a dog should be to stay in our comfort zones. As your bond forms give your dog some freedom to be who they are.

Do it for you and your dogs no one else.

The rest will happen on its own while learning to mush.

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